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Vocal Courses

Vocal Basics: Introduce the basics of vocal technique, including the anatomy of sound, breath control, vocal protection, and pronunciation.

Vocal Technique Practice: Include exercises to help students develop their vocal technique, such as resonance, timbre, pitch, and intonation.

Song Learning: Select different types of songs to learn, teach vocal techniques specific to each genre, such as tone, rhythm, and color.

Performance Skills: Teach students how to perform on stage, including facial expressions, body language, and stage costumes.

Vocal History and Culture: Introduce the history and styles of vocal music from different periods and cultures, and teach students how to understand and interpret different musical styles and repertoire.

Learning Plan: Develop a personalized learning plan for each student based on their level and interests to help them improve their vocal technique and performance skills in a short period of time.

Student Performances: Help students prepare for and participate in performances to showcase their learning.

Student enrollment

Only online courses are available

30-minute lesson: more suitable for children under 5 years old or those with weaker attention span.

60-minute lesson: includes approximately 15 minutes of review and feedback on homework, 40 minutes of learning skills through song practice (students can choose their own songs), and 5 minutes of answering questions from classmates.

  • Prices start at $500 per 30-minute lesson, depending on the level.

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